Reynaers CS 68

Universal solution for diverse requirements

Reynaers CS 68

The solid window system CS 68 from Reynaers supports your building project with high stability, reliable security features and excellent thermal insulation properties. It is suitable for both inward and outward opening windows and French doors. The different design variants Functional, Renaissance, Softline and Block Style make the CS 68 the ideal solution for all building styles. In addition, the profile can be individually adapted thanks to a large selection of colors and decors.

Functional design
Renaissance design
Softline design
Block design

The CS 68 in brief


✔Multi-chamber system with thermal separation

✔Available in the design variants Functional, Renaissance, Softline and Block

✔Can be implemented as a window system opening outwards or inwards

✔Construction depth: fixed frame 59 mm / casement frame 68 mm

Energy efficiency

✔Thermal insulation performance: 1.8 W/m²K

✔Also available as highly insulating version (HI)


✔Available with both visible and concealed fittings

✔Meets the safety requirements of resistance class 2 (RC 2) as standard

✔Optional upgrade to RC 3 possible

Aluminium - the material of the future

Aluminum windows such as the CS 68 from Reynaers are often used because of their high durability. The light metal aluminum is the second most important metal material after steel and has the advantage that it is only about half as heavy for the same strength. Its excellent stability also enables the production of very large window areas, as it is common for office buildings or industrial buildings.

Unlike most materials, aluminum remains unaffected by external influences. This means that an aluminum window can withstand almost any weather, does not warp at changing temperatures and also withstands mechanical stress. This makes window profiles like the CS 68 extremely durable and a very economical solution. In addition, the maintenance and care required is extremely low.


One profile, many applications

The abbreviation CS stands for "Concept System" in Reynaers' CS 68. The name says it all because you can use the profile not only for windows but also for French doors and Tilt & Slide doors.

This not only ensures a uniform facade design but also enables a wide range of applications.

Windows are available either with fixed glazing, with turn casement or as a Tilt & Turn variant. Different types of windows up to special shapes are of course also possible. We also offer French doors with different threshold solutions – perfectly tailored to your needs. Tilt & Slide doors on the other hand are extremely flexible in handling.


Unique appearance thanks to a wide range of colors

In addition to the various design options, you can also influence the appearance of the Reynaers CS 68 by choosing the color. Two main methods are used here:

1. Anodizing

Aluminum forms an oxide layer on the surface in contact with oxygen. The anodising process makes use of this: This protective layer is deliberately created by electrolytic oxidation, by which the aluminum is permanently protected against corrosion. The metal look of the profile is retained and can also imitate steel or bronze, for example.

2. Powder coating

Another method is powder coating, in which the aluminum is sprayed with powder paint after appropriate pretreatment. This is then burned into the surface at temperatures of up to 250° C, providing reliable protection against scratches and corrosion. Thanks to the RAL palette, there are almost no limits to the variety of colors.


The CS 68 has the right design for every architectural style

Of course every building has its own character. To ensure that the windows match a contemporary office facade as well as a traditional brick building, the CS 68 profile system is available from us in four different design variants.


Functional Design

Due to its flush construction, the Functional design has a very clearly structured appearance. This makes it an excellent match for modern architectural styles where it blends in harmoniously thanks to its straightforward design.

Softline Design

The Softline design is characterized by an organic and very elegant shape. In this variant, the cover and casement frame are partially rounded, thus lending a certain lightness to contemporary buildings.


Block Design

With Block design, the casement frame of the window is completely covered on the outside by the frame. This creates a flat profile surface that is particularly suitable for minimalist facades.

Renaissance Design

The architecture of the Renaissance was characterized by geometric forms and symmetry. These can also be found in the Renaissance design variant. Finely stepped profiling gives the window profile its classical aesthetics.


High-quality safety technology for more living quality

Thanks to the durability of the material, Reynaers CS 68 offers reliable protection even in the event of violent break-in attempts. This is complemented by first-class security features that already meet the requirements of resistance class RC 2 in the standard version. This means that the aluminum window effortlessly resists attacks by occasional burglars with simple tools.

If required, the CS 68 is also available from us with the RC 3 security class, which includes additional security fittings as well as penetration-resistant glazing of the P5A security class. This way your window will withstand even the most habitual perpetrators.


Good thermal insulation also influences energy consumption

Aluminum used to be associated with the stigma of poor insulation but thanks to modern production methods these times are long gone. The CS 68 is designed as a multi-chamber profile and its air chambers ensure optimum thermal insulation with U-values of up to 1.8 W/m²K.

Reynaers' windows and French doors thus contribute to a pleasant indoor climate in summer and winter. In addition, good thermal insulation is also good for energy efficiency, as considerable costs can be saved on heating and air conditioning.

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