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Reliable, high-quality storm protection for your entrance

Aluminum and aluminum clad wood solutions

Strong reinforced frames

To provide effective resistance, storm door glazing needs to be encased by strong frames and this is exactly what Neuffer products offer. Whether aluminum or aluminum clad wood, strong metal and high-quality fittings ensure that elegant glazed door design meets protective durability.

Storm doors from Neuffer are highly customizable, certified products that have been rigorously tested and designed to ensure superb water tightness and impact resistance without compromising on stunning design. With our expert team on hand and a wide range of options, we work with you to find bespoke solutions to meet every requirement.

Key features of storm doors

Setting a storm door apart from a regular entry door are a range of special key features which allow for superior strength, weather resistance and an ability to withstand high wind pressure:

High water resistance

Given the heavy rain which accompanies a storm, storm doors are purpose designed and tested to be particularly watertight. Our aluminum clad wood French balcony door range, for example, features doors with weather-resistant exterior aluminum cladding which protect their bespoke wooden interiors. Welded corners and a large range of dimension possibilities then ensure a perfectly secure fit. Models, such as our lift and slide Hi-Finity door, also feature built-in water drainage systems and pressure compensation ventilation outlets.

Impact-resistant glazing

Another key feature of a storm door is the impact-resistant glass used in its glazed panel windows. Important for a singular glazed French door and full glass lift and slide patio fronts alike, thick impact-resistant glazing can feature three panes of glass to withstand high pressure effectively. 

The glass can also be laminated which involves manufacturing the glazing to include multiple layers of invisible PVB foil. This increases the glazing's resistance and safely prevents it from shattering outwards.

Certified to meet current regulations

Storm doors and windows available at Neuffer have been rigorously tested and are certified by IFT Rosenheim and All Facade Ltd for their watertight performance, ultimate strength, and ability to withstand storm wind pressures. Shop online with ease and find out more by getting in touch with our team today to receive your free quote and protect your new-build or renovation with our reliable products.

Further benefits

Along with elegant design and protection against water and high pressure, Neuffer storm doors also offer the following advantages:

Storm doors in living room

Superior security

Our storm doors are also very secure products – the aluminum clad wood Eco Plano French door can achieve a burglar resistance class of RC2, for example, whereas the aluminum CS 77 has been certified to a maximum RC3. High-quality fittings, hinges and impact resistant glazing are to thank for this superb security as they help to prevent potential intruder attempts to break the panel windows or lift the door from the frame.

Excellent insulation

As a result of their thick impact-resistant glazed panel windows and high-quality frames, our storm doors provide excellent thermal insulation.

With models such as our aluminum clad wood Eco Plano door meeting passive house energy efficient standards, u-values as low as 0.78 W/m²K can be achieved.

Defined by the amount of heat lost each hour per square meter, u-values reflect our doors' excellent ability to maintain a stable interior temperature year-round, which saves on energy costs.

To further maximize this property, an invisible low-e coating can also be added to glazing which acts as a screen against large amounts of summer UV and infra-red solar radiation. Light still beautifully brightens interiors but unnecessary heat is deflected.

Previous customer projects with storm doors

Our storm doors and windows have been tried and tested in many successful projects internationally. We proudly delivered and installed the aluminum lift and slide storm door, Reynaers CP 155, in the Virgin Islands while the Eco Plano French door has been used in projects from the US to New Zealand.


Made-to-measure – a wide variety of options

At Neuffer we work with customers to fulfill individual requests – read on to discover more about the different options.

Design options

Bespoke design possibilities

A wide range of optional add-ons mean a Neuffer storm resistant door can match many different building styles.

A large selection of durable RAL colors can be chosen from to personalize frames while a roller shutter retractable screen option functionally protects homes from unwanted bugs.

Different handles are also available to choose from to complete your product and a privacy screen glazing finish can be chosen to complement the final design.

Different door opening systems

At Neuffer, customers can also choose between different storm door opening mechanisms. Our aluminum clad wood French doors come with an innovative German tilt and turn mechanism. Differently to common storm screen doors, this European invention has the door tilt ajar or fully open at the turn of a handle, allowing for controlled ventilation and improved security.

If a larger opening is more your style, we also offer lift and slide storm doors which provide a more generous, clearer view outside and flood interiors with much natural light.

The choice of material

Storm doors and windows from Neuffer are currently available in certified aluminum and aluminum clad wood which bring their own unique benefits:

While aluminum storm doors provide an unrivalled durable robustness, their aluminum clad wood counterpart adds a softer touch. Bringing together the best of aluminum and wooden storm doors, aluminum clad wood features a traditional timber interior protected by external metal cladding.

The choice of door material is a personal one and our expert team is on hand to advise – just click here to get in touch.



How much does a Neuffer storm door cost?

As products from Neuffer are highly bespoke, our door prices vary depending on the selected options. Large lift and slide doors allowing for a generous full view and much light tend to cost more than a traditional style French wind proof door, for example. For complete details please contact our expert team today so we can screen your idea and provide a free quote.

If you have a particular preference for a vinyl, pure timber or aluminum clad vinyl door frame please also let us know as new storm high wind doors will become available soon.

What dimensions can these doors come in?

Neuffer doors are available in bespoke dimensions and shapes from small front door sizes to open patio fronts. With attention to detail and the option of adding a matching custom insect screen or roller shutters, you can be sure of a secure fit which meets your expectations.

What about installation and maintenance?

Correctly installing doors is important to ensure watertight, sturdy structures. With stronger profiles and special brackets, the process should be carried out following specific installation methods; we can arrange for and connect you with a trusted local installation team, for example, or send specialists from Germany to install our products.

In terms of upkeep, due to the sleek durable materials, Neuffer windows and doors ensure high convenience and require little maintenance. With a long service life, they can be easily cleaned with a little oil or cloth and detergent.

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