High quality construction, thermal integrity and ease of use are all standard characteristics of our tilt and slide doors. At first glance, they are visually similar to regular patio doors. However, they bring the functionality of tilt and turn windows to patio doors. Advanced German made frames offer strength, durability and low maintenance. Custom built to whatever sizes your project calls for, these doors become signatures in every home. With the turn of a simple ergonomic handle, you can choose between sliding the door horizontally or tilting it inwards for ventilation. Neuffer tilt and slide doors are a premium solution for those wanting space saving doors with modern functionality.

Advantages of Tilt and Slide Doors

Tilt and slide doors are unique, combining a new sliding style with the tilt and turn functionality of European windows. The sash slides free of the frame on rails, making it much easier than traditional sliders which require effort to move back and forth. This makes sliding easier and improves sealing.

A turn of the handle will tilt the sash inwards for ventilation and provide continuous fresh air while preventing children and pets from getting in or out. This distinct combination of useful features makes tilt and slide doors the ideal alternative to standard sliding doors. Their advantages include:

  • Space saving with no swinging leaf
  • Simple operation with a single ergonomic handle
  • Effortless sliding
  • Robust design and weather resistant
  • Available in four material options
  • Excellent insulation values
  • Double and triple glazing available
  • Custom configurations in up to four sections

Tilt & Slide vs. other Patio Doors

Standard sliding doors move along tracks on the floor and provide little mechanical assistance. That means pushing the full weight of the door along the track, wearing out the seals. Over time, traditional sliding doors leak air due to damaged seals and can allow moisture in. This leads to wasted energy, cold spots inside and eventual repairs.

The tilt and slide mechanism is different. The sash slides up and outwards horizontally, not along the floor. This makes it easier to operate and eliminates wear on the seals. Similar to windows, with the sash in place, you can rotate the handle 180 degrees and tilt the door inwards, allowing ventilation without unintentionally letting insects in, and keeping pets or people in or out.

Custom Tilt & Slide Patio Doors

Door Frame Materials

We offer wood and vinyl as standalone frames or with exterior aluminum cladding.

Vinyl is well suited to those on a tight budget with many of the same customization options. It can easily be upgraded to improve thermal performance and security. wood boasts great insulation and strength without additional reinforcement, foam or internal chambers. It provides a traditional and natural look while requiring a bit more upkeep.

Aluminum cladding is the best of both worlds. Aluclad vinyl provides solid security, durability, insulation and aesthetics at a great price. For the ultimate bespoke solution and premium aesthetics, aluclad wood frames are second to none. They feature a sleek modern look outside and robust weather resistance. This means minimal upkeep while still retaining the character of wood.

Glazing Types for Energy Efficiency, Security & Soundproofing

Tilt and Slide doors feature large glass surfaces to provide lots of natural light. Since most of the total surface area is glass, glazing plays a major role in its overall energy efficiency. Triple glazing with low Ug-values combined with non-conductive warm edge spacers are the best combination for thermal performance. Additionally, the gaps between each pane can be filled with argon, a noble gas which is less conductive than normal air. With a wide range of glazing possibilities, you can tweak your door's features to your exact needs.

Hardware & Fittings

A large glass surface can be a potential vulnerability depending on its location. A second floor balcony door presents little risk while ground level doors should offer more security. This includes multipoint locking, shootbolts, locking handles and concealed hinges.

Laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at the minimum in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult. All of these options and more are available and allow for a completely individual configuration.

Colours & Finishes

Plain white is a thing of the past. vinyl frames are available in a large selection of RAL colours as well as decors such as woodgrain for example. Our solid wood frames are available both in the entire RAL colour palette as well as a range of natural stains and finishes. Aluminum is available in the RAL colour range and applied to the anodized surface via powder coating. Dual colour options are also available.

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