ECO Plano

Passive House Values in a Premium Design

ECO Plano

The Eco Plano takes aluminum clad wood windows to the next level. Combining the beauty of wood, the toughness of aluminum and an additional layer of insulating foam, it achieves excellent thermal performance while giving your home a luxurious look both inside and outside. Together with triple glazing, the Eco Plano can achieve an impressive passive house level Uw-factor of 0.78. The frame is thermally separated using a special polyurethane insulating wedge that ensures the aluminum does not come into contact with the wood. This ensures vapour diffusion and excellent insulation. The Eco Plano’s sleek angular look makes it ideal for modern architectural projects and perfect for energy-saving new-builds. Customise it further with dozens of colours and special glazing options.


U-value W/m²K


R-value hr.ft2.°F/BTU

3 13⁄16"

Frame Depth


Sealing Levels

Details & Overview

  • Flush external frame design with gas-filled triple glazing in thicknesses up to 55 mm
  • Extrusion-formed foam insulation within the wood laminate provides U-values suitable for ultra-low energy constructions
  • Muntins and special glazing (sound protection, safety glass, patterned and privacy glass) to suit any design requirement
  • Profiles can be manufactured in an array of arches, angles, and shapes to suit any building project
  • Available in pine, spruce, larch, alder, oak, eucalyptus, cherry, walnut and more
  • A wide range of paints and varnishes for the interior and exterior
  • Glued wood edge bands with a continuous laminated top layer
  • Three sealing levels
  • Welded corners, edge pins with double slots, cams and v joints.
  • Multipoint locking and fail-safe position locking handles provide safety and security.
  • 10 year guarantee on aluminum cladding and 5 year guarantee on wooden surfaces

ECO Plano Advantages


  • Triple glazing can be combined with solar control, soundproof, obscure and safety glass.
  • Low-E coatings increase thermal efficiency while reducing damaging UV light

Surface finish

  • Numerous RAL colours and finishes to match any project
  • Optional clear surface finish is available for interior wood side


  • Picture windows, Tilt & Turn windows, Bi-folding and French doors are just a few of the configurations possible with the Eco Plano profile

Technical Details

  • Thermal insulation according per DIN 4108 and EnEV
  • Soundproofing per VDI 2719 SSK, SSK II to V
  • Anti-burglar proof according to DIN V ENV 1627-1630 to resistance class 2

10 Year Guarantee

The excellent quality of our aluminum clad wood windows means that we offer a 10 year guarantee on the exterior aluminum shell and 5 year guarantee on the wooden surfaces.

RAL Seal of Approval

RAL is more than a colour scheme, but a German quality control and testing institute. All of our aluminum cladding is all RAL approved, which involves continued quality monitoring and regular checks by an independent third party.

Construction Details

All corners are welded, ensuring they do not warm under strain. It gives them an attractive look while being water tight at the same time. Aluminum is durable and weather resistant and can be supplied in virtually any RAL colour.

High Quality Hydro-planed Surfaces and Dual Colours

This new and innovative method of machine planing ensures that the wooden surfaces are especially smooth and accurate. The glued laminated design with an integral foam core creates a strong, stable profile to resist distortion.

The resulting open pores are able to be sealed during the initial coating process to protect the wood. The aesthetic and insulation advantages give a quality and performance that makes an excellent long term investment.

Storm certified

Given its strong aluminum cladding and durable quality, the Eco Plano profile has been tested and certified as one of our storm-proof products. For more information please head to our storm windows page.

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