PLANO Aluminum Clad Wood Window

Modern Design, Premium Wood, Made in Germany

PLANO Aluminum Clad Wood Window

Our Plano series delivers beautiful aluminum clad wood in an elegant, modern style. The sleek, flush fitting design makes it ideal for modern architectural projects. With the Plano, homeowners can count on a high quality and low maintenance window that stands up to weather on the outside while providing the warmth and beauty of wood on the inside. With a range of colour options for both sides as well as custom glazing for soundproofing, security and insulation, the Plano can easily match the look and needs of your individual project and give it a beautiful high-end look.


U-value W/m²K


R-value hr.ft2.°F/BTU


Frame Depth Options


Sealing Levels

Plano Series Details & Advantages:

  • Flush external frame design with 3 716 inch (88 mm) installation depth
  • Sealed and gas-filled triple glazing in thicknesses up to 2 14 inch (58 mm)
  • Available in pine, spruce, larch, alder, oak, eucalyptus, cherry, walnut and more
  • Thermally broken, aluminum shell does not directly contact the wood surface
  • A wide range of paints and varnishes for the interior and exterior
  • Muntins and special glazing (sound reduction, safety glass, patterned and privacy glass) to suit any requirement
  • Triple sealing levels
  • Welded corners, edge pins with double slots, cams and v joints.
  • 10 year guarantee on aluminum cladding and 5 year guarantee on wooden surfaces
  • Quality German Winkhaus hardware provide safety and security featuring tilt & turn opening, and optional concealed hinge design.
  • Profiles can be manufactured in an array of arches, angles and shapes to suit any building project.

PLANO Models - The Perfect Mix of Modern and Traditional

Besides excellent U-values and various advantages of practicality, PLANO profiles offer an innovative combination of aluminum and natural wood aesthetics.The casements are flush with the frame, creating a particularly modern look. For a more individualized PLANO window there is a large variety of RAL colours and finishes to tailor the external elements to your project.

Interior design options allow corner mouldings, wood type, colours and other profile features to be tailored to suit existing design elements. It is even possible to combine different colours; one on the inside and another on the outside.

A flush external frame design gives the PLANO profile a modern aesthetic, and improves burglary protection by hampering attempts at lifting off the casement.

Material combinations and a large colour palette to choose from ensure that PLANO profiles can be perfectly adjusted to suit existing house facades. At the same time, the centre and overlap seals are available in beige, brown, grey, and white to perfectly match any colour.


Low Maintenance Windows 

Despite the fact that the aluclad models are priced slightly higher than comparable single-material profiles, they offer lower heating and maintenance costs in the long term.wood treatment and maintenance is no longer necessary on an annual basis with PLANO models. Durable materials and ease of use are just two examples of the many long-term benefits of these high-quality windows.

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