Aluminum Clad Wood Bifold Doors

Seamlessly Blend your Home and Garden

Neuffer's custom built bifold doors present a beautiful alternative to traditional French or sliding patio doors. Consisting of a series of connected individual sections, they effortlessly fold away to connect your home and garden. Folding doors open the entire wall space in contrast to sliding doors which offer just half at best. Our stunning aluminum clad wood folding doors offer the combined benefits of wood and aluminum. The time-tested performance of wood provides strong thermal performance as well as warmth and character on the interior of your home. Outside, an aluminum shell covers the wood meaning little upkeep and no regular repainting required. Moreover, each side is individually customizable with a variety of colours, stains and finishes. Both materials feature excellent strength, durability and security standing up to the most challenging weather with ease.

Why Aluminum Clad wood?

Aluclad wood bifold door systems are made of solid wood frames with an aluminum shell mounted to the exterior surface. This means that the wooden frame is visible inside while the outside is entirely covered by aluminum. They combine all the advantages of both materials creating a premium product that enhances your living area and garden while adding value to your home overall.

Aluclad wood offers a number of advantages. The cladding provides an additional shield against weather as well as improved insulation. Aluminum superior strength also means better security for you coupled with long term durability. Finally, it means minimal upkeep unlike unclad wood which requires care and repainting over time.

With the best durability and long life, our aluminum clad systems will still be saving you energy costs, upkeep costs and replacement costs well into the future giving them an excellent price-performance ratio compared to inexpensive materials that will last half the time and never stop costing you.

Your Project is Unique. We'll Craft a Door to Match.

With nearly a century and a half of experience, we have knowledge and experience to design a unique bifold to match your exact project requirements. Bi-fold doors also go one step further in terms of custom options to include the opening direction. With multiple connected panels, you can decide whether they should fold to the left, right or both.

Bi-fold doors offer the further advantage of being particularly easy to use in large wall openings. The overall system can easily be shortened or lengthened by adding further sections. Guide rails above and below make folding them a breeze. Special German-made hinges and other hardware allow the individual pieces to pivot vertically and fold up concertina style. Finally, you can choose from the entire RAL colour range, special aluminum powder coatings and of course a variety of stains and finishes for the wood itself. The many additional choice from so many species allows further individualization. Our selection includes pine, oak, meranti, walnut, cherry, spruce and more.

Thermal Performance and Soundproofing

Solid wood needs no additional help, complex internal chambers or additional foam to provide great insulation and U-values. Mother nature has already seen to that. Nevertheless, the aluminum cladding gives it a further boost improving the Uw-values overall.

Yet, with glass taking up the larger percentage of overall surface area, your choice of glazing is still important. As bi-folding doors tend to be larger than other patio door types, it is all the more important to ensure the glazed surfaces feature increased security in the form of laminated safety glass as well as double or triple glazing to boost the overall U-values and energy-efficiency.

Why Choose Bi-fold Doors vs French and Sliding Doors?

French doors have long been the most typical and are nearly synonymous with patio door. They are best suited for smaller wall openings though they take up additional space by swinging inwards or outwards. Folding patio doors, however, can open all in one direction, in the middle, or in both directions.

Compared to sliding doors, bi-folding doors open entirely whereas sliders can only open over half of the overall door space. Since folding doors are made up of several panels, they also typically have more locking points and make it easier to install blinds. There is also no threshold as they are flush with the floor making them automatically barrier-free whereas sliding doors have to be additionally configured to be so.

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