Outstanding insulation and appearance thanks to a variety of design options

Roller shutter box front mounted roller shutter

Roller shutter box top mounted roller shutter

The roller shutter box is the housing of the roller shutter curtain and is mounted on or in front of the window, depending on the model. The box also houses the drive for your roller shutter, which can consist of a belt, crank linkage or electric motor. Thanks to the variety of designs and colors, you can customize your new roller shutter to match the facade and interior of your home. In this way, you can consistently continue the line of your furnishing style and include your roller blinds in your individual design.

Individual benefits

Roller shutters have many advantages. In addition to the obvious benefits, such as blackout at night, which guarantees a peaceful night's sleep, they also protect against burglary and help with thermal insulation. Both roller shutter boxes and shutters are usually made of vinyl or aluminum and are therefore available in many colors. Especially with models made of vinyl, you can select the desired color from the entire RAL palette and some wood decors.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a renovation or a new building – with the right roller shutters, you can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep and save energy at the same time. A thermal separation between the roller shutter box and the wall supports the insulation and thus improves energy efficiency. Depending on the type of roller shutter you have chosen, the corresponding solutions are installed differently.

Front mounted roller shutter

Since the roller shutter box of a front mounted roller shutter is visible from the outside, the look plays a major role here. For this reason, every front mounted roller shutter is equipped with a stylish roller shutter box that impresses with its shape and color. Depending on the model, different designs are available, ranging from classic rectangular to modern round designs. Thanks to the integrated plaster baseplates, you can plaster the roller shutter box and adapt it harmoniously to the facade of the house.

The roller shutter box is simply mounted in front of the existing window. Fast and effective.

Front mounted roller shutters are ideal if you want to renovate your old building or retrofit it with roller blinds. Compared to top mounted roller shutters, installation is extremely easy and takes place without interfering with the existing masonry. The box is simply mounted in front of the window and the guide rails are attached to the frame.

Top mounted roller shutter

op mounted roller shutters are a little more demanding to install and are therefore more suitable for new buildings. Here the roller shutter box is placed in a mounting opening in the masonry above the window. Windows and roller blinds are usually delivered together ready for installation. The installation can be carried out by talented do-it-yourselfers, but to guarantee the best results, it is advisable to hire professionals to do the installation.

Save energy through thermal separation.

Top mounted roller shutters impress with their discreet appearance since the roller shutter box is not visible from the outside or inside due to its position in the masonry. As with the façade, the design is entirely up to you. In addition, this type of roller blind saves energy because the roller shutter box mounted in the masonry supports the insulation. Thermal separation, which is carried out on all metal parts, means there is no heat loss and the insulation is not only retained but is even improved.

The right system for every window

Thanks to sophisticated technical solutions, roller shutter boxes made of vinyl and aluminum are available that meet the highest demands in terms of function, durability and appearance. It doesn't matter which type of roller blind you choose: roller blinds increase burglary protection, sound and heat insulation on the window. In addition, their main function is to provide privacy and sun protection.

Since roller shutter curtains made of aluminum or vinyl are available in all RAL colors, a roller shutter box with a plaster base can be perfectly matched to the selected color. In this way, the overall impression is harmoniously supported in connection with the facade and the client's individual style is emphasized.

All systems meet the highest requirements in terms of material, processing and function. It doesn't matter whether it's vinyl or aluminum, front mounted or top mounted roller shutters: quality is always the most important thing.

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