Triangular Windows

Reclaim Your Space with More Light and a Better View

When imagining a window, most people immediately see a rectangle or square. Yet, alternative shapes such as triangles are not only easy to build, but they help maximize the amount of natural light in your home as well as your view. They also ensure you can make the most use of all of your space. Pitched roofs, attics and gables often suffer from "lost" space which can be reclaimed through custom built triangular windows. An irregularly shaped wall can suddenly be transformed into a great place to sit and read or drink a cup of tea while enjoying your new view.

Advantages of Triangular Windows

Triangular windows can achieve what others cannot, reclaiming and opening up space under the roof or other areas that were previously impractical to use or inaccessible. While irregular shapes were more difficult to create and costlier in the past, modern manufacturing techniques as well as new materials such as vinyl have been game changers.

Advances in the window industry and an increasing focus on sunlight and quality of life are leading to a rise in non-rectangular window shapes. In terms of triangle design, this includes inverted, right angle and isosceles shapes or even trapezoids and pentagons.  Non-standard shapes such as triangles offer many benefits such as:

  • Adding a unique look to your home
  • Perfect in modern architecture
  • Creating more usable space
  • Letting more natural light inside
  • Maximizing your view outside

Specially made triangle windows come in both operable and fixed designs such as standard casement window, tilt and turn or tilt only. In terms of shade and blinds, we can work with you to find a custom solution to match the size and location of your window including options such as roller shutters or pleated blinds.

Choosing the Right Material for your Window

Whether for an odd corner, dormer gable or a standard gable, triangle windows are easily customizable to meet your space and dimension requirements as well as match your existing facade. 

We offer four different frame options, which plays a large role in determining the insulation properties, colour options, maintenance requirements, security and cost. They are wood and vinyl, or aluminum clad versions of both. Each offers a different mix of advantages of strengths.

The most common today, vinyl is best thought of as a blank slate with a myriad of configuration options. It does not begin with the same natural insulation ability as wood for example. However, as a material, it is by far the most flexible and easy to work with. Modern engineering and designs enable multiple internal chambers in the frame with the option of foam filling that can far surpass wood. 

Wood is a natural insulator and proven favorite through history. It offers the most character of any material and excellent durability with proper care. Each species of wood features a slightly different insulation value, toughness and appearance providing homeowners a great deal of flexibility as well. We many types, including but not limited to walnut, cherry, pine, larch, eucalyptus, meranti and more. 

Aluminum combines a sleek modern look with extraordinary strength and long term durability. It is used to clad either our wood or vinyl frames, boosting their insulation ability and U-value, weather-resistance, security and appearance.

Neuffer specializes in and offers only custom work. The entire RAL colour range is available as well as a wide selection of decorative and woodgrain foils for vinyl. wood may be painted or instead left with a natural stain or finish. Muntins may also be configured, whether simulated or real glass-dividing ones.

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