Used many times a day and taken for granted, handles are an essential part of any window or door. Neuffer offers a wide selection of premium handles to match your style and needs. Far from an afterthought, modern handles feature a variety of technical and aesthetic upgrades compared to the past from material and ergonomics to spindle. They are available for both new and replacement windows. Whether for tilt and turn windows or lift and slide doors, today's handles offer more than the basic open and close functions. 

How Do Modern Window Handles Work?

Our German made window handles all offer three basic functions nowadays. 

  • 0° = Locked position, facing downwards
  • 90° = Unlocked position, to swing casement open
  • 180° = Tilt position, facing upwards

Some models can be also lock into a 45° position. In these cases, the handle can normally only be turned to 90° at most, the above functions are all available within this smaller range of movement. In order to ensure the highest quality for every product, Neuffer sources only premium hardware for our bespoke windows. 

Lockable Window Handles for Security & Child Safety 

Handles also play an important role in a window or door's overall security. Thus, based on your needs, area and the location of the window or door, you may opt for a locking handle. We offer two types of locking handles: push button and key. 

With push button locks, pressure cylinders require a small button on the handle to be pushed in order to regulate whether the handle can be moved or not. These are great solution for homes with small children, particularly on upper floors or in non-ground floor apartments. 

Security & Burglary Protection

Secondly, we offer a range of handles that can be locked or unlocked by key. These are the next step up and well suited to homes requiring extra security, whether due to location or only being occupied part time (such as vacation home). 

With multi-point locking around the casement and several mushroom cams, modern windows cannot be easily pried open. Adding locking handles helps to ensure that your window won't be a pushover. Burglars nearly always give up after a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts. These few minutes can be guaranteed with the right resistance class.

Handles Designs & Materials

Similar to the window frame and glazing, window handles are available in many different designs. The most common models fitted are simple white vinyl handles that can be found in almost every home. For a more elegant look, you can also choose from premium stainless steel or silver models. These are normally installed with lift and slide doors, as they require slightly more effort to operate and need to resist stronger forces. All of our window handles are available in a range of colours and finishes, in order to perfectly match any frame and interior. 

Matte, brushed or polished – Choose from many different materials and various shapes.

Whether aluminum, stainless steel or vinyl, the range of material, colour, finish and style combinations are enormous. Neuffer offers the ability to customize your windows down to the last piece of hardware.

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