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Passive House Performance Meets Modern Design

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TwinSet Energeto View

Windows can be so much more than just glass and a frame. The TwinSet Energeto View delivers beautiful minimalist design along with advanced European energy-efficiency. Give your facade a facelift with this modern German profile while saving energy and money every month. The Energeto View can reach Passive House values without sacrificing aesthetics, durability or security. Its robust aluminum cladding and precision made vinyl frame feature strong thermal performance without the weight or cost of solid wood or metal. Our wide range of custom options enables you to configure the exact insulation, security and design features you require.


U-value W/m2K


R-value hr.ft2.°F/BTU


Sealing Levels


Internal Chambers


Window Depth

TwinSet Energeto View – Technology and Details

  • Slim profile in a modern, minimalist style
  • Triple glazing up to 2 inches (50 mm) thick
  • 6 chamber profile and 3 inch (75 mm) window depth
  • 7.2 R-value based on configuration (Uw-value: 0.79 W/(m2K) 
  • Frame width of 414 inch(109 mm)
  • Available in heights up to 7.5 feet (2260 mm)
  • Ultradur® inserts to eliminate thermal bridging typical with steel
  • 3-point sealing providing an effective weather barrier
  • Interior and exterior available in a variety of RAL colours and decorative finishes to match both the facade and interior simultaneously
  • Premium Winkhaus security hardware
  • Available in shapes, angles, and arches to suit any project
  • All profiles are free of cadmium, barium, and lead
  • Up to 98% recyclable frame

Hidden Casement Design with Visible Results

By concealing the casement within the frame profile upon closing, the Twinset Energeto View maximizes the usable glass area with its flush casement creating a sleek modern facade. This gives the profile a considerable advantage over standard window frames, especially when optimizing the glass size as part of design requirements. The uniform frame surface also allows more options for window installation. By mounting the frame section within the aperture, a clean and modern look is created for the buildings’ exterior, but without losing the functionality of the Tilt & Turn opening.

Greater visibility and a modern facade with the Twinset Energeto View

Combining Materials and Benefits

The combination of vinyl with exterior aluminum cladding creates a durable profile, with significantly better security than regular vinyl systems. The addition of carbon fiber reinforced Ultradur® inserts within the vinyl eliminates thermal bridging caused by steel.

The high thermal insulation of the profile is achieved by the multi-chamber structure. Partitions across the section isolate the interior surfaces from the effects of external temperature changes, while the triple seals protect against wind and rain.

Durability & Security

The security performance of your home's doors and windows are important for both peace-of-mind and insurance requirements. Multipoint locking is a standard feature of all Twinset Energeto View windows to effectively protect against intruders.

Numerous options are available to further improve security:

  • Toughened, laminated and impact-resistant glazing
  • Additional hinges
  • Lockable handles
  • External roller shutters

This ensures that the Twinset Energeto View is a secure, attractive and energy-efficient solution for your project.

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